Boiler Replacement: Telltale Signs That Your Boiler is Beyond Repair

When it comes to home appliances and components, a homeowner’s first choice when something breaks down is to opt for repair services or find effective fixes to address the problem. Of course, immediate replacement isn’t always called for, but you should know when it should be. Take your boiler, for example, which is an important component of your home. What are some obvious signs that your boiler is beyond repair and you need a boiler replacement? Read on to find out.

Old age and many years of service

On average, boilers are expected to last for about 15 years, beyond that and you’re bound to see glitches in its mechanical components and overall function. If your boiler is reaching this age, it may be time for you to start saving for a new one. The older a boiler gets, the harder it is to maintain and the more prone it is to malfunction.

Costs more money due to inefficiency

If your boiler is burning through your savings with frequent repairs and unusually high heating or gas bills, you should be replacing it and not continuously repairing it. The latest models of boilers are energy-efficient and carry warranties that give you years to financially recuperate. Indeed, with a new boiler, you’ll have fewer headaches and more savings, all while living in a warm and comfortable home.

Presence of rust and sludge

Water coming out from a boiler’s discharge pipe can be quite ominous. It usually means that the pressure vessel is malfunctioning and a defective pressure vessel may result in sludge and rust buildup. Once rust and sludge have set in, your boiler may be beyond repair and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.




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