Time for a Boiler Replacement: Signs of an Inefficient Heating System

Smart homeowners are always looking for ways to save on daily expenses and searching for investments that eventually pay off in the form of cumulative savings. Other than improving your home’s appearance to boost its value, enhancing its functionality through its vital components is a must as well. And one such vital component of your home that needs to be in tiptop shape is its heating system. Here are some signs that it may be time for a boiler replacement:

Unusually high consumption compared to previous years

How long have you had your current boiler? If your recent heating bills are unusually more expensive compared in the past years yet your heating use and habits have remained the same, a component of your heating system may be damaged and led to its inefficient functioning. To make sure, run a heating bill analysis to determine your gas usage every season.

Presence of cold and hot spots

Unequal heat distribution throughout the home is a telltale sign of a poorly functioning system. There could be cold spots, which indicate an air leak into the boiler that prevents water from properly passing through the distribution system, and there could be hot spots, which usually occur when a valve is failing and allows hot water to bleed through, thereby continuing to heat up a space even when the ideal temperature has been reached.

Frequent checks and repairs

How many times have you called in technicians to repair your faulty heater? You may be spending more on repairs than you ought to. If your current boiler is decades old and has been through several repairs in the past year, it’s only practical to invest in a new, more efficient boiler. An old boiler that breaks down a lot may also be on the “short parts list”, which means that it’s difficult to find parts for it in case repairs have to be done. So do yourself and your home a favor by purchasing a new and efficient boiler.


Key signs that your boiler is costing you money, Super Saver Oil


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