Why You Need to Improve Your Home Insulation Before Boiler Replacement

Do you live in a house with an old but functioning boiler and central heating system? Most of us balk when we think of the cost of boiler replacement, preferring instead to struggle on paying ever increasing repair costs, and higher maintenance charges. Often though, continuing down this path long term proves to be a false economy.

When it comes to boiler replacement the majority of householders choose energy efficient combination boilers, but these aren’t suitable for all types of home. For homes with a large family, or large homes with main and perhaps en-suite bathrooms, a standard boiler using a hot water cylinder may prove the most cost-effective heating system.

Unless your central heating system is so antiquated as to become dangerous, most just upgrade their boiler to reduce energy costs over the long term. While doing so, getting the boiler replacement company to check the whole system should be undertaken. Do you have thermostatic valves on all room radiators, are your timers working efficiently so you’re not paying for heating your home while you’re not there?

Checking seals around windows and doors should be undertaken along with adding new insulation to the roof space. The big DIY stores all sell home sealing kits and insulation products – make use of them. Why pay out for the latest, most cost effective boiler you can afford, and allow the heat to escape through all these usual places.

Check out government and local authority web pages as well. There are a large number of grants available to help households reduce their energy costs with home insulation and boiler replacement, see if you qualify.

Boiler replacement is not a cheap option, seeing as much of that financial outlay coming back as quickly as possible via lower energy bills makes good economic sense. Considering the extra few pounds it costs to revamp your home’s insulation while having your boiler replaced – upgrading your home’s insulation is something which should be considered as a matter of course.


Worried about rising energy costs? Here are 10 crafty tricks to cut your bill, thisismoney.co.uk

How to choose a new boiler, telegraph.co.uk


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