Leak Problems? Invest in Boiler Replacement

Never ignore a leaking boiler. If you have one that is leaking, do not attempt to repair or replace it yourself. It is only a Gas Safe Registered engineer who should do gas boiler replacement to ensure quality workmanship. The moment you discover a leakage, shut down the gas supply immediately and contact a professional technician. It can be challenging to find out the cause and the origin of the leak, especially if the boiler is leaking from the bottom. When it leaks, it points to a serious underlying problem with a particular internal component such as the valve or the seal. In fact, failure to attend to it in due time can lead to corrosion and short circuiting. Your home may even be at risk of structural damage.

Damaged Seals

The most common causes of such leaks in boilers are damaged seals. Damaged seals let water escape. The boiler pump could push the water through the broken seals. When that is the case, replacing your seals and the pump is the most suitable solution. A professional will be careful to examine if the seals are broken or the water is leaving the boiler through other components.


Your boiler may be ageing and developing fatigue, corrosion, and rust. When the boiler corrodes inside, the metal around the valves, pipes, and walls tend to weaken and form cracks. If you notice the leaks escaping through the body of the boiler, it could mean that there are cracks. Long periods of heating and cooling tend to expand and contrast the boiler’s metal, thereby, leading to cracks. A crack in your boiler is a serious problem that can lead to life-threatening risks. Repairs at this point can be expensive because they will have to be done immediately. If the boiler is old, it is advisable to have it replaced. There is little repairing you can do given that you might have to get the boiler scrapped in a year.


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