Boiler Replacement: Factors You Need to Consider

According to the Energy Saving Trust, heating your home will account for almost two thirds of your annual energy bills. In large homes, with lots of spacious rooms, then the proportion spent on heating can be even greater. Therefore, energy efficiency is a very important factor to weigh up when it comes to boiler replacement. Not only will an energy efficient boiler help to reduce your personal carbon footprint, but a well-installed one, sized correctly for the central heating system in question, will be capable of reducing your outgoings, too.

As well as low carbon heating options, such as biomass or ground source heat pumps, a gas boiler replacement has been found to drastically reduce the amount of energy a home uses. Along with your onward energy costs, the Energy Saving Trust also recommend that you appoint a Gas Safe installer to do fitting works for you. Boilers need a qualified engineer to fit and it’s usually best to work with an established company that has a local office and customer references that you can check. If in doubt, confirm the proposed boiler replacement will be conducted by a trained professional, specifically by confirming them against the so-called Competent Persons Register.

Another factor to weigh up, when considering a boiler replacement, is the size of the unit. If your boiler is fitted in the kitchen, then a smaller one is often preferable. Combi-boilers are generally able to fit inside conventional kitchen units. Since they do not require hot water cylinders, they need a smaller amount of space in your home. On the other hand, a condensing style of boiler has a heat exchanger, so it takes up more space;however, generally speaking, these types recover more heat and are therefore more efficient.


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