Piping Considerations When Replacing a Boiler

It may be time to consider a boiler replacement, and you may be wondering what else needs replacing. If the boiler system in your home has been in use for a long time, then replacement may be for more than just the boiler. The piping is one of the aspects you have to keep in mind when getting a replacement boiler. There are a lot of things that you have to contemplate when it comes to the piping.

Old Pipes

The age of the boiler plumbing in your home is one of the fundamentals that an expert will take into account. If the pipes are as old as the boiler, say 20 years, then you will need to get new ones. Old pipes are some of the greatest contributors to inefficient heating. You can get a new boiler but find out that the system is not delivering its promised efficiency. A boiler professional can evaluate the piping and recommend suitable solutions for the upgrade.

Piping Type

It is vital to consider the type of piping as well. A boiler could have a single or two-pipe system. If you have a single-pipe system in your home, it may be necessary to switch to a two-pipe when getting a boiler upgrade. A high energy efficiency boiler may not operate to its full capabilities if it’s connected to a single-pipe system. You can talk to an expert to find out if it’s feasible to change the system in your home.

Manufacturer’s Instructions

When installing a new boiler, consider the near boiler piping. Installation of this piping system should be after taking into account the manufacturer’s instructions. Different boiler brands have certain specifications regarding the near boiler piping. Going against these instructions can void your warranty. A boiler installation expert will look at the piping diagrams and install them to fit the model of the boiler.

Boiler piping will contribute a lot to its functionality and efficiency. Make a point of discussing with your contractor certain boiler piping basics when getting an upgrade in your home.


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