Things You Need To Know About Replacing A Boiler In Your Home

A boiler is a very important item in the house, especially during winter. Due to the cost involved during boiler replacement, you must be sure to make the right choice when looking for one. Here are things you need to know about replacing a boiler in your home.

Know when to replace your boiler

When you can’t control your heating due to the broken timers or thermostat then this is a sign that you should replace your boiler. Call a qualified engineer to evaluate your boiler; if he tells you that repairing your boiler is no longer cost efficient, then you need to replace it.

Boiler type

If you have a large family then you are better off with regular boilers. Smaller families use less water, making them better off with a Combi boiler. Before settling on a boiler type, you should also ask yourself if it’s compatible with your solar water heating since many Combi boilers are incompatible with solar heating system.

Cost of a new boiler

Boilers have varied prices depending on the size, type or brands. The boiler replacement cost is, compensated, however, when you decide to buy an energy efficient boiler, which can significantly save a lot on your gas bills.

Space in your house

While Combi boilers need less space, regular heaters require hot water cylinders, which occupy a relatively large space.

Fuel type

Gas boilers are the cheapest heating option if you have a natural gas supply.

Deciding on whom to install your boiler

If you want your boiler replaced, then the best time to do so is during the summer season since prices are relatively lower.


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