Saving Money with Domestic Boiler Replacements

Replacing an outdated boiler is one of the the best ways to enjoy superior levels of heating during the colder months of the year. However, many consumers are still unfamiliar with the other financial benefits that may be possible. What is the average amount of money that can be saved and how can governmental programmes provide further fiscal incentives? Here’s why replacing your old boiler with a more efficient new model can give you the savings and advantages you seek.

Yearly Savings Adding Up Over Time

Many will be surprised to learn that a modern boiler replacement can save hundreds of pounds each and every year. According to The Energy Saving Trust, owners could cut down on their heating bills by as much as £350 pounds. Programmable A-rated condensing boilers and thermostatic radiator controls are some of the mechanisms which are now commonly employed. So, it is clear that the one-off cost of a replacement can pay for itself in only a handful of years while superior levels of heating will never be a concern.

Government Programmes

Another important concept to keep in mind that the United Kingdom is now promoting a number of green energy-saving technologies. These will often involve replacing a boiler that is over five years old with a more efficient model. A free energy assessment of the home is required to determine whether or not specific properties qualify for this scheme. Not only will this save a massive amount of money, but it is an excellent option for any low-income home which hopes to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

Domestic boiler replacements should always be considered if a unit is not functioning properly. For a one-time fee (or through the help of a government grant), heating concerns during the autumn and winter will soon be a thing of the past.


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