For Plumbers, Location Matters when Adding a New Bathroom

When most people think of adding new bathrooms in their houses, it is usually to make their homes more comfortable for everyone. For your efforts to be successful, you should include some important considerations and features in your planning. Among these is the location of a new bathroom, and in this case, you will need to consider if it is for the children, for the master bedroom or the guests.

Regardless of the location you choose, it is good to note that every house has its options depending on the location and layout of its plumbing. You, therefore, need your plumber to guide you at the planning stage.

Is there a Basement or Crawl Space

Houses with crawl spaces often give their owners much leeway when deciding the location of their new bathrooms. If you have such a house, then your budget will reduce significantly, and there will not be too much work when you install a bathroom. A reason for this that the expert will have the wiring and plumbing go beneath the house instead of through its walls.

Such places are ideal for PVC drain line as well because they should be lower than the fixtures for water to flow quickly. It is different for people whose houses sit on concrete as your plumbing expert may have to cut into the slabs to run the drain lines.

Existing Plumbing

When looking for the ideal place to install a new bathroom, you should consider an area with existing plumbing. Existing plumbing is, especially important if your contractor will need to run the piping in the walls. It will be affordable and convenient to run lines off the plumbing in the house.

The existing plumbing will also partly determine where you will install the tub, sink, and toilet in the bathroom. Your plumbing contractor will also have to minimise any long horizontal vent pipes and drain runs by ensuring the fixtures are fixed close or onto the wet wall. The latter is thicker than other walls, and it will hold the primary stack and water lines.

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