Reasons to Consider Fuel for Boiler Replacement

Sometimes it may be advisable to go for a boiler replacement than to repair your heating system. In such cases, some factors come into play and among these is the kind of fuel you are going to use for the new boiler. Some instances dictate that homeowners overhaul everything and do away with the previous methods of powering their furnaces. Among the common types of fuels that you can use for boilers are natural gas and oil.


When considering the kind of fuel to use for your new boiler, it is important to consider cost. Some companies may charge you separately for the supply of oil or gas and the connections to the house. Others may just have you pay for the supply and fund the connections themselves.


You should check on maintenance as well while choosing the fuel to drive your combi, regular, or system boiler. Depending on the fuel, the furnace may need maintenance services annually or more often than that. Maintenance services, in this case, may involve checking if the pipes are clogged to prevent carbon monoxide gas leakage.

Your heating expert may show you easy ways of detecting the gas after they replace your old boiler. Other maintenance services may include removing accumulated dust or hard water clogging in the pipes.

Going Green

When looking for fuel to power their boilers, most people only consider efficiency. There is, however, a group of homeowners who consider the environment and prefer to use fuels that do not negatively impact it. Since this is a sensitive matter, you have to ask for advice from your heating contractor concerning the type of fuel that is most friendly to mother nature.


Replacing a boiler will not take place successfully if you do not have the appropriate infrastructure to channel the fuel. In this case, you need to have proper gas lines or ways of directing oil correctly. If you want to change from one fuel to the other, you should let your contractor know in advance. They will assess your home and know the changes to make to accommodate the new mode of fuelling you have chosen for your boiler.

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