Plumbers Present a Guide to Faucet Finishes in Bathroom Refurbishments

After some time, a homeowner may call in a plumber for a bathroom refurbishment project. The renovation may involve some aspects that include the replacement of bathroom sinks, boilers, piping, faucets, and tiles. Faucet finishes play big roles in enhancing bathrooms.

Classy Look

If you want to achieve a classy, bold look without being too showy, you should choose a satin brass faucet finishing. The polished look offers a good accent colour. Most people like it for its matte finish that does not show water spots and fingerprints. Your plumbing professional can use it for the contemporary, modern and traditional settings.

Traditional Look

Contractors usually advise people to get oil-rubbed bronze faucets for classic looks. The look is an excellent alternative to the one given by brushed and chrome nickel. Oil-rubbed bronze is the best finish to have if you want your bathroom to have matching accessories such old light switch plates and cabinet knobs. The best attributes of the oil-rubbed bronze finish are that they are easy to find and clean.

Bold, Unmistakable Looks

Some homeowners may be in the market for bold, distinct looks for their bathroom refurbishments. In such instances, a copper faucet finish is the best to use. It will work best when your plumbing specialist mixes it with another subtle material like marble on the bathroom countertop. Naturally, copper has antibacterial properties that make it ideal for the bathroom setting. Whenever a scratch appears on copper, it will become darker and later blend with the bathroom patina.

Smooth Finish

People who prefer a smooth finish can use satin bronze. The best way to use this faucet finishing is to use subtle colours as it gives it more flexibility in various settings and styles. Satin bronze is not only clean but easy to maintain as well. Durability is another of its strong attributes.
A Crash Course in Bathroom Faucet Finishes,


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