Tell-Tale Signs that You Need Boiler Replacement and not Repair

After working in a particular home for some time, it becomes apparent that the boiler is not working as required. The only two options at this point would be to call in a contractor for repair services or boiler replacement. In some cases, the repair services might not be enough to restore the performance of your boiler.

How long have you had your Boiler?

On average, a boiler lasts for fifteen years, and if you have had it for that length of time, you should start thinking of buying a new one. Some people may argue that they usually maintain their heating equipment.


Maintenance services over the years will help in making it last longer but with time, it becomes harder for it to carry out their functions the way you require. After ten years, most boiler manufacturers discontinue making accessories and spares on some of the models.

Repair Costs are Higher or Equivalent to those of New Installations

Once you have called in your plumber for assessment of the heating equipment, the costs of repairs may be higher than that of buying a new boiler. With such an outcome, you may have no option but to replace it with a new one.

No Longer Efficient
At some point, the boiler may not be energy efficient. You need an efficient heating system to help you save money on bills. If you are paying more than necessary despite the numerous repairs on your boiler, it could be time for a replacement.

Carbon Dioxide Detector Not Working Properly

If the carbon dioxide detector on the boiler keeps going off as it works, you should replace it. When the detector goes off, it is an indication that the flues have a problem. Since carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas, you should replace the boiler immediately.

When is That Old Boiler Shot?,



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