How to Find a Reliable Plumber for a Bathroom Refurbishment Project

Bathroom refurbishments can be very time-intensive projects and should only be carried out by a professional plumber. How can a consumer be certain that he or she is selecting a qualified technician? These three signs are worth mentioning.

Clear Estimates

One hallmark of a trustworthy firm is one which is willing to provide an up-front estimate with no hidden clauses. Potential customers should always ask for this figure in writing before any type of commitment takes place.

A Functional Website

A website is a reflection of the quality that one can expect during a plumbing project. Sloppy sites or those which lack functionality may hint that the company does not pay attention to detail. Likewise, mobile-friendly pages illustrate that the firm is keeping up with the times; another sign that only the latest techniques will be used when remodelling a bathroom. Much like any advertisement, a website is a clear indication of the level of efficiency that can be expected.


All authoritative sources agree that testimonials are excellent ways to appreciate the services that are offered. Although the website of a plumbing firm may be laden with sales-oriented “pitches” and other flashy presentations, never judge a book by its cover. Client reviews should always be available. This word of mouth is able to provide an objective perspective that would otherwise almost certainly be lacking.

Refurbishing a bathroom is a worthwhile investment and yet such a project is no easy task. Professional plumbers should always be able to embrace the three points which have just been mentioned. While it is always good to shop around by obtaining a few separate estimates, such figures are worth little if the company does not seem to address these important metrics.


How to Find a Good Plumber, Good Housekeeping


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