Winterize Your Home: Get a New Boiler Replacement Before the Holidays

Winter is the hardest time for boilers. The vast majority of boiler failures happen during the cold months when they are getting the most use. The problem is that this is also the worst time to be left with no hot water and heating, and the Christmas period is the least likely time for help to be at hand.

As boilers age, they become less efficient. Notwithstanding the costs of repeated repairs to a boiler that has exceeded its useful life, the loss of efficiency can cost the average household £60-£305 per year in increased energy usage.

Failure to replace old boilers is the worst type of false economy. Complete replacement is an easy job for most qualified plumbers, and the reduced energy and servicing costs of a new, efficient boiler will easily outweigh the initial expenditure.

Another good reason for boiler replacement is safety. Gas appliances within the home are potentially at risk of leaking or emitting carbon monoxide gases. Old, faulty gas boiler units also pose the most risk.

New units should only be fitted by a Gas Safe registered engineer who is qualified to undertake this type of work. This can give added peace of mind to home owners. In addition, those units are then eligible for a free Gas Safe check to ensure they have been installed correctly.

There are far more reasons replace a boiler than to persevere with an old unit. This might even be the best investment a homeowner could make before the Christmas and New Year holidays.





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Gas Safety in the Home, Gas Safe Register


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