Increased Heating Costs? You Might Need a New Boiler Installation

Your central heating boiler is one of the most important appliances in the home throughout during the winter season. Making sure that it is in a good state of repair by arranging for a boiler installation or replacement when necessary is essential for the entire household.

When to buy a new boiler

There are several reasons to fit a new boiler in the home. One good reason for fitting a new boiler is when your boiler is no longer efficient. Inefficient boilers are not capable of producing the ideal heat temperature and only end up increasing your overall heating costs. In such cases, replacing your boiler might just be more cost-effective than trying to repair an older system.

Today’s newer, more efficient appliances often save money and will pay for themselves within a matter of a few years. If you have been advised that your old boiler is past the stage of economic repairs you will need to source a replacement installation. Some boilers don’t have thermostats or timers, making operating the system quite basic. Boilers with continuous pilot lights waste an immense amount of gas, and so are inefficient to operate. Floor mounted boilers, on the other hand, are also far more inefficient than wall mounted products.

A new boiler installation in the Harrow area could just be one of your best home investments. It’s estimated that at least half of the annual energy costs for average households are related to boiler use, and fitting a new, energy-efficient boiler saves you money on your annual fuel bill. It also increases the value of your property by making it a more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to put your home on the market.



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