When Is The Right Time to Replace A Boiler? Ask a Professional Plumber

According to the Energy Saving Trust, boilers are responsible for over half of their energy bills. With this fact in mind, homeowners should make sure that their boiler is working at its best. Otherwise, it may be time to replace it. When replacing boilers, it would be wise to consider investing in an energy-efficient model due to its potential savings.


Researchers from the Energy Saving Trust claim that installing a new boiler can reduce a household’s energy bill by as much as £310 a year. Additionally, new boilers are less prone to frequent and expensive repairs. Energy-efficient boilers also consume less fuel, further increasing the potential savings homeowners enjoy.


The Best Time to Replace Boilers


Typically, boilers last up to 15 years. Homeowners who have a boiler nearing the end of its service life may want to seriously consider getting a replacement. On the other hand, having boilers that are almost 15 years old doesn’t necessitate immediate replacement. In the case of some older units, these boilers have sturdy cast-iron heat exchangers and fewer electronic components, enabling them to last for many years without issue.


Choices for Boilers


Combination or “combi” boilers are among the most popular choice for replacement units. Though it is easy to simply follow suit, homeowners should be aware of other factors that should also dictate what type of boiler to get. Some of these factors include their family’s current need for hot water and the type of fuel most accessible to you.


Upon getting the right type of boiler, homeowners can have them properly installed by a professional plumber, like those from L & B Plumbing & Heating. Professional installation is necessary if you want to fully benefit from having a new boiler in your home.


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