Three Basic Factors to Consider When Contemplating Boiler Replacement

Winter is a few weeks away and one of the things that decides your household’s readiness for the sub-zero temperatures ahead is the state of your boiler system. Beyond optimal functionality, it is also important to think of how its constant usage throughout the winter period will affect your periodic expenses.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, heating units account for up to 55 percent of energy bills in the UK yearly, so having an energy-efficient boiler makes a huge difference. If your system constantly needs repairs, or you notice a spike in your bills, you may need to contact a boiler replacement service to have a new boiler installed. Before you do, however, here are three considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Boiler type

There are two types of modern boilers: Combination and Conventional systems. Combination or combi boilers supply hot water without the need for storage tanks, enabling a rather unlimited supply. They are usually considered ideal for residents looking to maximise small spaces.

Conventional boilers, on the other hand, utilise a storage tank to supply hot water. However, keep in mind that once the hot water stored in the tank runs out, you may experience a delay in supply as it refills.

Fuel type

If you have a gas pipeline connection, having a gas boiler is usually considered ideal because it is the most affordable option. Electrical boilers and oil boilers are a bit more costly overall, but make for great alternatives should you choose to do without gas mains.

Government Regulations

Legislation in the UK states that only high-efficiency boilers may be installed in England and Wales, unless under special circumstances. They recover more heat dispersed into the atmosphere from the vent of a non-condensing boiler, using one or maybe two heat exchangers.


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