Using Less Space for More Heat

The heating industry in the United Kingdom is primarily centred on condensing boilers. Industry observers tout them for potential savings in home energy bills, and their smaller size makes them ideal for certain dwellings.

Combination or “combi” boilers are most preferred in flats because they eliminate the need for an added tank or cylinder, resulting in space saving and easier installation This central heater requires the least amount of pipework to bring both warm air and water to your home, and does away with cold water tanks, thus saving on space.

The combi boiler may not work well for bigger homes with more than one bathroom, though, as well as for mains with low water pressure. To find out if a combi boiler or a different type is appropriate for your home, it is best to call a professional who specialises in boiler installation in London and ask for recommendations.

In homes that may not be suited for combi boilers, good options would be the conventional or regular boiler, or the systems boiler. In addition to gas, conventional boilers can make use of biomass fuel, like logs and pellets, to warm the surroundings and tap water. System boilers are similar to conventional boilers, but does not require a feed and expansion tank for a loft, thus saving on space.


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