Boiler Installation Problems: Keeping You Safe

A new boiler is an excellent addition to the home. The problem is that installing one on your own can be rather hit-and-miss. This is because you don’t have the experience in installing one. Here are a few examples of problems that pop-up with a boiler installation.

  • Loose Connections. Your boiler depends on it being properly integrated into your home’s heating and plumbing system. Improper soldering can result in the pipes not being attached properly. The main result is early deterioration and the appearance of leaks.
  • Gas Leaks. Leaks don’t just appear on the water side of the equation. Gas leaks can also happen and they can be deadly to the occupants of a home. This also results in higher gas bills for you; you’ll be wasting gas to heat water that could have been heated for less.
  • Maintenance Issues. Professional installation ensures that repairs would not be needed for at least as long as the warranty lasts. DIY installations wouldn’t have this assurance of professional work.

Avoiding these problems should be your top priority. To ensure that they don’t happen to you, trust professional installers to do the heavy lifting. This way, you don’t have to poke around your basement to fix up your boiler and that the boiler will be working properly.


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