London Boiler Problems That Need Professionals

Boilers go through a lot of wear and tear. The time will come when a boiler will no longer work as well as it used to, and that’s inevitable. Here are a few signs that’ll clearly indicate the need for a replacement:


Temperature Fluctuations – A failing boiler will give a pretty obvious symptom early on: regular fluctuations in temperature and pressure. Fluctuations may occur due to one of two factors. Either the pilot light can’t stay lit or the safety cut-off mechanism is being triggered by an unknown force. The latter is often indicative of a serious electronic or mechanical issue that demands immediate attention.

Increased Frequency of Repairs – If the repairman’s been in and out lately to perform some costly repairs, it’s another sure sign. As the boiler approaches its twilight years, repairs switch from “few and far between” to “far too often”. This standard rule of thumb can help in determining frequency: if the repair costs exceed 50 percent the price of a new unit, a replacement is warranted.


It’s a “Grandpa Boiler” – Age doesn’t necessarily denote frailty, but in the boiler arena, it certainly signifies inefficiency. A boiler installed decades ago when the house was first built is highly likely to be quite inefficient now and can actually suck all the oxygen out from the room, which is a dangerous predicament. Boilers like these are better sent off to retirement.


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