Is It Time To Install A New Boiler?

There are various questions you can ask yourself when deciding whether or not to have a new boiler installed in your London home. Are you finding that your boiler is breaking down more often than in the past? Is the boiler taking up too much space? Can you take advantage of government initiatives and save money in London?

Another point to consider is the type of boiler you currently have. Some are more efficient than others – especially modern options. If you have relied on your boiler for 20 years or more, it’s likely that you need a new one installed. More efficient condenser boilers were introduced in the 1980s and entered the mainstream in the 90s, so a 20-year-old boiler will likely be a less-efficient model.

The Cost of an Inefficient Boiler in London

The efficiency of a boiler can be rated according to a percentage or letter using the SEDBUK scale. Comparing a G-rated model with an A-rated model, the potential gas bill savings you could make each year amount to an estimated £340. Replacing or installing a new boiler in London could, therefore, save you money in the long term.

Older heavy-weight gas boilers have an efficiency of 55% under the new SEDBUK rating system, while new condensing models are vastly superior with a percentage efficiency of 88%. It makes sense, then, to upgrade your boiler and start saving.


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