Does Your Boiler Keep Conking Up?

Boiler units are every bit essential to help you become more comfortable with inclement weather conditions. You can be grateful for a dose of warmth coursing through the home or flat when you need it, but some things can happen to them along the way. Some of the symptoms of damage include heat loss, noise, leakage and smoke.

Since providing heat to the entire house is the main purpose of a boiler, lowering temperature is definitely a major issue. This condition may be linked to problems in the water heating baseboard or radiator. Heating baseboards may have trapped air that prevents it from releasing heat properly.

Sometimes, radiator valves simply need adjustment or balancing to improve heating performance. For thermostatic radiator valves, check if you can still increase the flow of hot water to the radiator to adjust the temperature. Otherwise, they need to be fixed.

Another reason could be combustion gas leaks or some other disturbance in the system, which may put the other parts of the house at risk. While leakage is not apparent as the boilers continue to function, it can be determined by searching for accumulated deposits like coloured mineral salts or surface stains.

For boilers with disturbing noises, a possible cause could be the improper distribution of heat. Have licensed boiler installers check the machine as soon as possible as this may cause carbon monoxide poisoning, among other things.

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