Why You Should Replace Your Old Boiler with a Combi

Not only is an old boiler burning your wallet: if you won’t get rid of it soon enough, it could pose as a fire hazard. If your old boiler has seen better days, better replace it with newer and more energy-efficient models. The best replacement in the market now are Combi boilers, accounting for over half of modern models installed every year in Britain. Below are reasons why Combis are better than your old boiler.

Combis are highly efficient

 Combi (or combination) boilers is a water heater and central heating system built in together in a compact case to deliver heat more efficiently to your radiator and your tap. There’s no need for a separate hot water tank in the loft, letting you save on space. The reduced pipework means lower installation costs. A Combi boiler also helps save on fuel costs since it maximizes the use of gas as it converts to useable heat for your home and shower.

Water is cleaner and safer

 Unlike traditional boiler types, cold water isn’t stored in the tank or a storage cylinder. Instead, it is fed directly from the mains. This means continuous water flow and hot water on demand –water that is not contaminated with dirt as water might be when coming from the central heating system. A Combi boiler also allows you more control over the water pressure and temperature, which makes this option safer to operate, and the water as warm as you want it, for as long as you need it.


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