Be Gas Safe, Hire Gas Safe

The hundreds of thousands of gas engineers doing business in the U.K. are required by law to register with the Gas Safe Register. It’s basically what sets real businesses apart from frauds.

The successor to the Council for Registered Gas Installers (CORGI), the Gas Safe Register was first implemented in Great Britain and the Isle of Man in 2009. Although a private firm operates and maintains the registry, it’s officially sanctioned by the Health and Safety Authority. Gas Safe engineers will furnish a copy of any completed work to the consumer for certification.

The requirements for registration may as well be the same for doing business in the country. An applicant must furnish proofs of competence, basically certifications of training from vocational schools and accredited bodies. Registered engineers will receive a Gas Safe licence, in which consumers must request for it during a gas appliance-related transaction.

Gas Safe itself won’t let shoddy work get away unnoticed. Section 4 of the Rules of Registration gives Gas Safe the authority to inspect the registered engineer’s work based on the report given as a requirement. The business itself will also be under heavy scrutiny to ensure its legitimacy in providing adequate services to the public.


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