Addressing Climate Change in London

Acknowledging the threat of climate change that hangs over everyone nowadays, London has taken steps to reduce one’s carbon footprint by promoting energy efficiency among Londoners. The local government, however, maintains that people don’t have to reduce their standards of living to play a part in tackling climate change. Rather, there must be a change in the way common Londoners live their lives or do their daily tasks—from a wasteful to a more energy efficient lifestyle.

In 2013, London was named the city in the U.K. with the highest carbon footprint. According to the study published in the Environmental Research Letters, while the average Brit produces 12.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, Londoners produce 25 percent more. The researchers found that their lifestyle has the biggest effect on their carbon footprint, thus the local government has been creating measures to reduce each person’s carbon emission and making London a low-carbon economy.

One of the most recent measures instituted by the government offers up to £5,600 per household for residents who will install new boilers in their homes through the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. The Fund aims to promote energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions nationwide. A new energy-efficient home boiler installation can only do so much to reduce the carbon footprint of every Londoner; more changes in lifestyle and systems have to be made. Climate change, after all, does not only affect London, but the whole world as well.


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